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How to Find a Social Media Consulting Company

Social Media Consulting

If you’re searching for a social media consulting company, you want to make sure you’re finding the right one. You’ll need to find one that fits you and your company’s needs. You need to realize that there are different types of companies and experts. Anybody who has used social media might say they are experts so what you need to do is weed them out to find the ones that are actually consultants and can help your business.

Along with that, some companies have different focuses and only do social media for certain types of business. The question is, how do you find them and differentiate the real consultants from the ones who think they are, but have absolutely no idea what they’re doing? Well, that’s what I’m here to fill you in on.

Personal vs. Corporate

There are many differences between social media for personal use and social media for business use, and you need to think about how they differ. Having thousands of friends on a personal account doesn’t help your company unless there is a definite overlap between those people and your company’s customers. A Facebook profile isn’t the same as managing a Facebook business page, just like writing a personal blog is different from corporate blogging.

What to Look For

Look for someone who has past experiences in managing social media programs. Get URLS for pages or blogs where they have contributed and ask them how the managed the content. Ask them for names of accounts they’ve managed and review those accounts to see if their style is a match for your company.

What to Walk Away From

If that person’s entire experience is based on personal use, you don’t want them to run your social media campaigns. If you don’t see past job titles that have any sort of relevance to social media, it’s likely they aren’t an expert. If their tweets, blogs, or status updates look like they were written by a youngster, it’s likely they don’t know what they’re doing.

Valuable Consultants

There are several consultants that are known for how valuable their work is. Some of these people include Chris Brogan, Jeremiah Owyang, Charlene Li, Dawn Foster, Dosh Dosh, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Nancy White. If you look any of these people up, you will know that they are experience and skilled and will do the work that you want.

Be Careful

So while looking to hire, make sure you find someone who, not only fits the criteria you’re looking for, but find somebody who has knowledge and experience. Think very carefully before deciding to add a social media consultant to your company if their experience doesn’t match the skills listed above.

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