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How to Use Facebook Status Updates for Promotion

Facebook Status Updates

If you have a business page set up on Facebook, then you probably already know that you need to figure out ways to promote that page. One great way to attract business is by having good Facebook status updates on your business page.

Let your fans know about what’s going on in your company and about things that are coming up. Keep them informed and fill them in on any deals or promotions that you’re going to be conducting so customers will be intrigued and want to keep close watch of your page. Following are some ideas for possible status updates that you can post to attract your fans.

1 ) Photos

Post photos as status updates on your Facebook business page. These get more attention and comments, as well as likes, than posts without it. With these pictures, you’re able to show off your products or make recommendations to your fans.

2 ) Other Businesses

Post updates referring to other businesses that relate to your company. You’ll be promoting them and it will show that your Facebook business page is not all about you. If you promote another business, they may even promote you in returen.

3 ) Employees

If you gain new employees, you can let the world know about it. They deserve an official welcome and by posting it on your Facebook page, customers will know who to look for when they go into your place of work.

4 ) Events

Post information about events that are going to be happening with your company. You can invite your fans to attend and let them know what they need to do to come or find a way to stream the event live online, for those customers that are not able to make it.

5 ) Contests

Host a contest or competition from your page. Let your fans know that you’re conducting a special drawing or sweepstakes, and give them a way to enter into it. Let them know what the stipulations are and what they can get for participating and winning.

6 ) Specials

Whenever your company decides to run a special or coupons, let your Facebook fans know about it. Post any coupons or deals on your business page so they can print them out or have a direct link so they can make the purchase online at your website. Everybody loves a good deal.

7 ) Blog

If you have a blog for your business, incorporate it within your Facebook page. Post a link so fans and potential customers can access the content to read what you have to say. You can then post status updates as you post new blogs, asking those fans to go read.

8 ) Q&A

If you have an active question and answer section on your website, post some of them as status updates. Let you fans know what questions others have been asking and what your answers were to those questions. It may answer a question that your potential customers have.

Just Be Creative

You don’t have to necessarily do these things, and these things ONLY. You can be a little bit personal if you want, but just keep in mind that your Facebook business page should be all about your customers and potential buyers. Try your best to make it about them - what do your consumers want to see from you?

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