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Ways to Get More Views on YouTube

Get More Views on YouTube

If you have a YouTube account then you probably realize how important it is to get views, subscribers, comments, etc. on your channel. It is only the beginning if all you have done is posted a few videos, but have nobody watching them. What’s the point of creating and posting those videos if they aren’t attracting viewers?

Following are a few tips that you can use to help you get more views on YouTube. From fixing up your titles and descriptions to focusing on the quality of your video, these tips will get visitors to come to your channel and become a part of your activity.


Video titles hold a vital role in the creation of your channel because users on YouTube browse for videos and you want to have a title that will catch their eye and be relevant to what it is they are searching for. Make it look professional by using caps at the beginning of each word. Add in words like “exclusive” to attract attention, and use just 1-3 keywords in your title.  Once they see that part of the title, they will read the rest and continue on to the description.


Descriptions are very important because they give users some information about the video they are about to watch. Give the visitors an accurate description to maximize your views. Place your link in that description to get more traffic to your site.  Users will be able to read your description before watching the video, so you don’t want to put spam in there. Keep it short, but descriptive.


This could possibly the very most pertinent part of getting views on your videos. Put as many descriptive keywords as you can because this is how users find you when they search for certain items on the site. You can use both phrases and words, and you want to be sure to use multiple words to describe the same meaning. For example, if your video is about the Yankees baseball team, you can have Yankees, baseball, sports, and whatever else your mind can come up with in relation to it.


Thumbnails attract viewers because it shows them a quick clip of what your video entails. So edit the image at exactly halfway through to make sure it’s top quality, because YouTube takes the “halfway through” image and that is what becomes your thumbnail. These thumbnails are what many people look at when they’re searching for videos so you want your thumbnail to relate to what is in the video itself.

Video Quality

This may go without saying, but you want to have a video that is high-quality. If your video is terrible, nobody is going to watch it. If it is amazing, then people will keep watching it and post it everywhere so their friends and family will watch it, too. Make the video short. People these days don’t have long attention spans, so whatever the point is of your video, make that point quick so people will pay attention and pass it along.


Add as many friends as you can. This is a form of networking, and when you network, you will eventually get many friends. When people get friend requests, they usually go check out the channel to see if they’re at all interested, so even they don’t accept your request, you’ve just obtained another “view” for your video. Subscribers come out of those friends that you make. To get subscribers, produce videos regularly with good quality content and they’ll want to come back for more.

All in All

Your main goal is to get people to watch your videos. Whether your trying to do this by getting friends and subscribers, or upping the quality, or coming up with better content, your goal is still to attract visitors. Follow some of these guidelines and you will have people coming to visit your page, and often, and you can just sit back and watch as the numbers increase.

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