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Incredible Free Facebook Icons

Facebook Icons

With all of the advances in technology, it has led us to advances in social media. One of the primary social media networks now is Facebook. If you want to spiff up your website and lead people to go to your Facebook page, then you should incorporate

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Can I See Who Views My Facebook Profile?

Can I See Who Views My Facebook Profile

If you ask yourself  ”Can I see who views my Facebook profile,” then you’ve come to the right place. You can, but not through Facebook itself. There are some third-party applications and some tricks and ways to do this, but Facebook does not recommend them. Facebook has

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How to Use Facebook Status Updates for Promotion

Facebook Status Updates

If you have a business page set up on Facebook, then you probably already know that you need to figure out ways to promote that page. One great way to attract business is by having good Facebook status updates on your business page. Let your fans know

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The Best Facebook Applications for Business

Facebook Applications

If you have a Facebook business page, or are thinking about getting one, there are several different applications that you can get that will enhance your Facebook business page for your company. Many of these tools are helpful for you and your business, like knowing who your

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Facebook Backgrounds & Layouts for the New Facebook

Facebook Backgrounds

Facebook is all about personalization and push their users to make their pages all about themselves. Of course, you still want to interact with friends, or fans if you have a business page, but you want to show your friends, family, and fans who you or your

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Twitter Followers & Facebook Likes Exchange

Our featured social media exchange is This is an incredible website that most businesses and social media marketing professionals utilize to increase Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and Google +1s. Most users get an average of 2000 twitter followers monthly for each account that they list on the exchange. Go here to add your Twitter account now.

Free Social Media Online Training Portal

Our sponsor, SocialMediadd, has created a free social media training portal for the ISMA. The training portal has online seminars for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Considering that most online training for social media starts around $3000 a year, we believe that this is a great asset to any marketer or business owner who is seeking to become an expert in social media marketing.