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How to Copy YouTube Videos

Copy YouTube Videos

If you, for any reason whatsoever, needed to copy YouTube videos, then this may be helpful for you to read. I’m not suggesting in any way that you copy someone’s video directly and post it for your own benefit. I think if you’re going to post something,

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YouTube Promotion Strategies that Work

YouTube Promotion

I talked in a past blog about how to obtain views on your YouTube page. Well one of those ways is through YouTube Promotion. You need to promote your channel or video to drive viewers your way. There are a few different ways of doing this. I’m

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Ways to Get More Views on YouTube

Get More Views on YouTube

If you have a YouTube account then you probably realize how important it is to get views, subscribers, comments, etc. on your channel. It is only the beginning if all you have done is posted a few videos, but have nobody watching them. What’s the point of

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How to Create a Custom YouTube Channel

Custom YouTube Channel

There could be any number of reasons why you would want to create acustom YouTube channel. You may be running a business and want to brand your page. You may be an individual who vlogs and you want people to know who you are, even before they

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How to Make YouTube Videos

Make YouTube Videos

There are several steps that one must take once that person decides that they want to make YouTube videos. It’s more complicated than just hitting the record button on your video camera, uploading what you have, and then watching the views and favorites sky rocket over night.

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Free Social Media Online Training Portal

Our sponsor, SocialMediadd, has created a free social media training portal for the ISMA. The training portal has online seminars for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Considering that most online training for social media starts around $3000 a year, we believe that this is a great asset to any marketer or business owner who is seeking to become an expert in social media marketing.